Why Use Hypnosis To Stop Smoking?

Quit Smoking HypnosisQuitting smoking can be such a struggle to cope with. Sometimes it is even more frustrating to stay away from the cigarette than allowing yourself to continue puffing away yet you have the dangers in mind. The reason is that different methods of stopping smoking work differently for every person. What is very effective for one person may fail to work in another. Hypnosis is one great method that works very well for others and not so well for a small number of people. It does no harm to try it and discover if it is what you have always needed. This article is going to expand on one method of hypnosis that is known as the Winkler method.

The Winkler method has been in use for quite some time now since its introduction in 1995. In Australia it has successfully helped thousands of people to get rid of the harmful habit. Contrary to the picture that has been painted to us about hypnosis in movies and on TV, this method is not in any way spiritual and weird. It only involves using the smokers’ sub conscious power to get rid of a really bad habit. Movies portray hypnosis as a state where a person is out of control but this is merely to entertain people and get a thrill out of it.  We all know that a smoker may want to quit so much but keeps relapsing time and again. Probably they do not like the smell of the smoke and the way the tobacco has stained their fingernails and lips but they seem powerless to free themselves out of the bondage. The reason behind this is that they are being controlled by thoughts in their sub conscious mind which is actually more powerful than the conscious mind.

Now that you understand how addiction to smoking works, you can comprehend how Winkler hypnosis can work to alleviate the situation. This method aims at giving your sub conscious mind ideas and suggestions that you need to spur yourself into having an aversion to smoking. This could be ideas to help you lose thoughts and concepts related to smoking that you have in the subconscious. It works effectively because once a person is hypnotized, his sub conscious mind takes dominance and rules over the conscious mind. The person in hypnosis is not unconscious but is fully aware of the hypnotherapist and can hear whatever he is being told.

The principal mechanism of Winkler method is its ability to channel resolution and change of thoughts in a person who is intent on stopping smoking. It capitalizes on the fact that when using the conscious mind, our usual will power will have a temporary influence on a person yet change in the sub conscious mind can have permanent effects on the behavior of a person. This has been proven and is not just mere hear say. Smokers who are out to try something that can turn their habits around should consider Winkler method and anticipate positive results.

There are many other methods of giving up smoking aside from just hypnosis. Looking through some detailed UK based e-cigarette reviews it is quite clear that these e-cigarettes also have been found to help people give up smoking with many success stories littering the internet. Electronic cigarettes offer a healthier means for obtaining the nicotine craving which smokers desire, but without the tar and other nasty chemicals found in tobacco smoke. If you have tried hypnosis and failed with it, perhaps electronic cigarettes are worth trying for you.